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Red bean ice cream

My ideal partner is someone who can make me laugh, who can understand my issues (many of which are weird), who appreciates my quirks, who thinks I’m the most beautiful person inside and out.  (Also, if he is like smoking hot, in my eyes, that is also awesome.)

Green bean popsicle

I’m jealous of all those people who can do what they want without the fear of being hated by their family.

Mochi ice cream

I look for an honest person who is loyal to the end.  They also have to be a complete weirdo and make me laugh, but also know when to get serious.  Most importantly, they have to want to make the effort of talking or hanging out with me of their own volition.  I don’t like always having to be the one to dial the phone, so to speak.

Banana popsicles

Oh, Meow, the memories I have of you! Where should I start?  Hm…let’s see…this might take a while.

How about when we went to Mitsuwa with Lauren and Karishma, and I got some bi bim bap to eat, and you fed me.  Totally should have turned towards you to make it easier.  Was not expecting that, haha!

Orange ice cream

I’ve always wanted to tell you that if I could go back in time, I would have made much more effort to talk to you in chemistry.  I regret not having done that.  But, I guess, in the end, we lucked out that we ended up in physics together, so it all worked out in the end! <3

I appreciate your friendship more than you can ever image.  Because I have you, I never feel alone.  You don’t give me the time to feel lonely, and that makes me happy! :D I hope that we can be like Arashi. Go through all our tough times together and stick things through to the end.  May nothing ever separate us.

these are the cutest omg please

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strawberry iced tea: your best feature



Alrighty, guys! After the success of the fundraiser/raffle that I did for my surgery, I’m finally able to pay it forward! The Color Me Rad 5k contacted me about wanting to sponsor a giveaway on my blog - so of course I had to say yes! They also let me choose a charity to raise money for, and I chose the Wright Way Rescue, which is the rescue that my boyfriend and I adopted our dog Fozzi from! This is going to be a pretty amazing fundraiser for a pretty amazing cause. I’m hoping to raise at least $5000, if not more! All the proceeds will go directly to the Wright Way Rescue, minus around $800-$1000 to purchase the prizes for the giveaway that the Color Me Rad 5k is not supplying. You can speak to two of my previous giveaway winners here and here, this is not fake or a scam! I always make good on my giveaways! 

Color Me Rad is a 5K that fires off in a blaze of color bombs, color cannons, color mortars, and multi-toned courses that guarantee your outlook will be brighter, your boyfriend will be more affectionate, your boss will finally remember your name, the hair on your head will grow back and the hair on your back will fall out, and your gray outlook will turn green like a spring morning.
Wright-Way Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Their mission is to reduce the number of homeless pets euthanized in the Midwest each year through an adoption program, community education, promotion of spaying and neutering, and a veterinary medicine program. They continue to save pets from rural animal control facilities where they are at a high risk of euthanasia, and instead offer them a second chance at a loving home in the Chicagoland area. Wright-Way places more dogs in adoptive homes than any other no-kill rescue in the State of Illinois on just 10% of the budget. Wright Way Rescue also suffered a tragedy last October when a school bus crashed into their facilities and destroyed their adoption center. You can read more about the incident here. They have been at a temporary facility ever since and need help rebuilding!
  • Must be following me, the Color Me Rad official tumblr, and my yoga blog
  • If you have instagram, follow me at natashaxjade (reblog with your insta username if you do)
  • ONE REBLOG ONLY.  Like do not count either. 
  • TO GET EXTRA ENTRIES, donate! Here is the donation page for the Wright Way Rescue. One dollar equals one extra entry. 
  • I will ship internationally - check the Color Me Rad website to see if there is a race near you! 
  • 6 winners will be chosen! One grand prize winner that will take everything, and 5 other winners who will get a free registration to the Color Me Rad 5k near them!
  • Winner will be chosen using random.org. 


  • 6 Registrations to the Color Me Rad 5k. One will go to the grand prize winner, and 5 will go to other winners picked at random!
  • Color Me Rad merch! A sweatshirt, t-shirt or tank top, shorts, headband, sunglasses, and color packets!
  • Workout clothes! I will be your personal shopper, head on over to Dick’s Sporting Goods and you tell me your size, favorite colors, favorite brand and I will buy you an outfit! Top, bottom, and sports bra. 
  • Workout equipment (not pictured): 5 lb hand weights, jump rope, yoga block, Nike spots/workout bag, Yurbud Headphones, water bottle from Victoria’s Secret, resistance bands, workout/lifting gloves. 
  • Portioned food containers for meal prep. 
  • 1 pair of Nike Free Runs in your size.
  • Fitbit Flex. 
  • $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card
  • $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card
  • $50 Whole Foods gift card 
  • 4 shirts of your choice from lookhuman.com 
  • 1 Lululemon yoga mat
  • 2 boxes of Quest Bars in whatever flavor you prefer. 
  • Bootcamp plan made by yours truly. 
  • Shirt from the Wright Way Rescue
  • More to be added/freebies to be thrown in!

This ends September 30th! So you have three full months to enter and donate! Go go go! 

we’ve been stuck at $270 for a while. think of the puppies and kitties and donate just $5!


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Funny pictures of the day (80 pics)

Cat Playing With Lizard (gif)


Funny pictures of the day (80 pics)
Cat Playing With Lizard (gif)


Funny pictures of the day (77 pics)

Hourly Cat Facts Subscription


Funny pictures of the day (77 pics)
Hourly Cat Facts Subscription